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Went to work with hubby!

My husband recently returned from a long training trip! Hooray! We’ve been spending as much time together as possible. That means I tagged along today when he had to go into work on a Sunday!

While he was working in his tasks, I planned a few projects and spent some time drawing him. He is my ultimate muse and I am so excited to observe and draw him again :)

Here’s a look at today’s sketch:


I started with a pencil sketch and inked the lines and a few shading with marker. It’s nothing crazy but a fun way to sketch while spending time with the hubby.

DIY Fireplace Tutorial

This past holiday I wanted a fireplace to decorate. Since our new home doesn’t have one, I decided to paint my own and you can have your own cozy fireplace too! This video will show you how.

This turned out so well that I decided to keep it up all year long! I’m even going to put a ledge above it to display family pictures and other decorative pieces.

Also don’t forget to check out last week’s video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZK31kYOerM
Change the colors and you can make a Valentine’s wreath :)

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week!

DIY Silver Sparkly Wreath


wreath-coverthumbThis last holiday, I was determined to make my own wreath and came up with the shiny silver one above. It took a lot of work, but let me tell you, it was worth it! The picture doesn’t do it justice because in person, this wreath is so beautiful to me. I was so excited about it that I recorded the steps so I could share with all you wonderful people out there! I know that the holidays are over, but you can easily modify it to fit a different occasion depending on your color choice.

Although the wreath in the picture above is the same as the one in the video, it has a bit more embellishment than the one in the video. I was so excited about decorating our place for the holidays that I couldn’t stop adding extra details long after recording the process.

If you like this, and decide you want to make your down, I would love to see your version! It would definitely encourage me to have more DIY videos :) Without further ado, here is the video:

A look into my very first sketchbook


InSketchbook-pt1Hey guys! Long time no see! This week I’m returning with a brand spankin’ new video! This one takes you through the pages of my very first sketchbook.

It is one of my most loved items because I poured my heart into this book. I started from zero knowledge about art and ended with so much more than just knowledge.

Take a look into my past and see the beginnings of my love for art!

Winter Painting Party!


A little bit ago, some girlfriends and I decided to have a spontaneous painting party! You know, like those studios that take you step-by-step in creating a painting while you sip on some wine that you brought? Yup, we did that, but in my little unfinished studio. We were darn classy too, painting on the floor with a drink :)

At first we weren’t sure what to paint, but after some brainstorming we decided to paint a wintery scene to reflect the current state of our winter wonderland that is Fairbanks.

It was a fairly simple painting that utilized deceivingly simple brush techniques: simple side-to-side strokes followed by lots of stippling. The stippling part was my favorite, especially when we laid snow on our trees. It was as if I was putting snow on those little miniature Christmas trees you find this time of year at craft stores like Joann’s or Michaels’.

We had SO MUCH FUN and it was such a great bonding activity! Although I am not the best teacher by any means (and they were such good sport about it), I think all of our winter wonderland paintings turned out pretty well! What do you think? Do you like to see this kind of fun shenanigans? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll get some friends together for a Painting Party the Sequel!

Have you been to one of those wine and painting events? Would you care to share your experience with it? I’d love to see a picture of your painting too if at all possible!

See you next week for more surprises!

Speed Painting Funky Frida Kahlo


I dressed up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween this year and was inspired to put a funky looking Frida on top of last week’s abstract painting (image below)

Frida-bgI actually painted her face twice. The first time I attempted to freehand it because I wanted to challenge myself to try a new method. However, that didn’t turn out well for me as it isn’t compatible with my workflow. So I covered that up and started on her face again using an approach that I was comfortable with, which was to figure out my proportions, sketch it out and then fill in the spaces.

The next picture shows the face at the end of the second try. The “almost finished” (left) side was how I wanted to finish the painting. Usually at this point I stop and leave the room for a good while to reset my eyes. When I revisit with fresh eyes, I can determine if I’ve missed something or need to fix something. And as you can guess, I needed to fix the nose and add some finishing touches such as highlights. I remember thinking to myself “she looks like Voldemort without a defined nose!” Looking back, I’m so glad I have this step in my workflow because she looks way better in the “finsihed” side (right).

Frida-beforeafterBelow is the finished product, signed and tape peeled off! I’m pretty happy with it and I hope you do too! Do you see anything weird or needs improvement? Whatever your thoughts, please share them with me in the comments below!
Frida-finishedIn case you were curious here’s my costume! On the left is my husband as Lord Raiden and of course me as Frida Kahlo on the right.

halloweenAnd here’s me as the zombie-fied Frida Kahlo (wearing Lord Raiden’s hat). I thought it was funny hehe

zombiefridaI hope you enjoyed this week’s installment on Be Lured. Please share your thoughts and comments and I will see you next week!

<3 Kara

Abstract Speed Painting on Halloween!


On Halloween, I decided to pick up a paint brush and go where ever the colors take me. I wanted the colors to have tones of brightness yet also be moody. I am pretty excited about it since I don’t normally go abstract, so I had loads of fun. Enjoy this video and don’t be shy: leave a comment, like and share the love. While you’re at it, come chat with me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

<3 Kara

Daydreaming of my art studio

Happy hump day everyone!

As you know I’ve recently moved into a new house and have been slowly but surely putting a home together. For the first time, I have a whole room dedicated to be my studio. Yay! The only problem is all my tools and supplies are in boxes and hidden using my previous storage containers. Below is a picture I Instagramed recently of most of my art supplies. It’s a mess isn’t it?

studiosuppliesPreviously, all my art supplies needed to be tucked away neatly since they were all stored in the guest room. The goal wasn’t for them to be easily accessible, but to be easily hidden in case we had guests over. Now that I have a space to lay them all out, I am having a hard time deciding what I want to do. It would be ideal to have them all displayed in an organized fashion, but how? So naturally I turned to Pinterest. So here is some eye candy of some art spaces that I want to emulate.

studio2I have 3 full walls to utilize. The first one has a window and my drafting table will be placed right under it. I can set lights on the sides during the winter (it gets very dark here in Fairbanks) and move it out to the center of the room during summer when I have light.

The wall on its right side is where I want a wide table against the wall similar to Lexis Krieg’s space in the image above. The table will ideally fill the whole wall for maximum working and storage space. Under the table, I plan on having shelves on one side: half wide and shallow so I can lay drawings and other paper flat and have easy access to them, and the other half taller shelves to store baskets and other larger tools. The other side under the table will be left clear for larger storage boxes or to make leg space for when I sit down.

studio3It would also be awesome to have a curtain built in under this wide table similar to this laundry room in the picture above (from Pretty Organized Palace). Who says I can’t mix and match different room organization ideas, right? This way, when I want to de-clutter my room, I have the option of closing the curtain! Plus, the room isn’t that big, so not having to worry about space for opening a door would be great. I thought that was pretty clever, don’t you?

3_joelOn the table, I would love to have a wide array of containers to store drawing pencils, color pencils, paint brushes and other tools I use often. I especially love this custom made paintbrush container from Design Sponge.

studioWe are still on this same wall! So above the table, I want to hang my two giant cork boards while also having similar ledges between the cork boards and the table. These cork boards will serve as inspiration boards and will also give me space to pin up sketches and drawings. The ledges will help store and display little tools and nicknacks. In the picture above from Art Craft Thrift, I do love the idea of displaying rubber stamps on a ledge. I have lots of card making supplies and a huge chunk of them are rubber stamps. They are pretty so why tuck them away?

The table, shelving and little storage items on this wall will be custom made by my husband. And I can’t wait!

The third wall is to the right of this last wall. It is also across from the wall with the window. On this wall, I will put the little shelving unit that I currently have. It will store most of my craft stuff such as card making supplies, sewing tools, extra supplies and so on. It will take only small amount of space and will look pretty awkward on its own. So I plan on getting another unit the same depth and height to fill more space. In the meanwhile, I will fill all the empty wall space on this side of the room with drawings and paintings. It is going to look awesome for video backgrounds!

It’s all just ideas for now and will take some time (and money) for this room to be set up and I am so excited! I want my room to be perfect and reflect me, so I am willing to not rush it.

I’ll keep y’all posted on this rooms progress. Whatcha think? Obviously I have no experience in things like this so please share your insight! Have you done a DIY room for yourself before? What are your ideas on how to streamline this? Or even tips and tricks for a kickass room?

<3 Kara